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As we pass the 100 days to go mark momentum is building both around the UK Government’s ambitions, as host country, to achieve a successful COP26 and around the delivery of the summit at the SEC.
In around twelve weeks’ time delegates and visitors will begin arriving in the city and surrounding areas to agree action that will literally safeguard the future of the planet and Glasgow will be ready to welcome them and take advantage of the city’s moment in the spotlight.
The official COP26 conference has been brought forward by one day with the procedural opening now happening on Sunday, 31 October. The conference will run until Friday, 12 November 2021.
This new start date was announced as the UK Government (UKG) unveiled the COP26 Presidency Programme to drive forward climate ambition and action against key issues alongside two weeks of intensive climate negotiations.
Beginning with the World Leaders’ Summit on 1 and 2 November, each day of the programme will focus on a different theme, from advancing progress on key priorities like clean energy, zero-emission transport and protecting nature, to ensuring the participation of women, girls and young people is at the centre of climate action.
Cross-cutting themes like science, innovation and inclusivity will run throughout the programme, as will the need to mitigate climate change, adapt to its impacts, and mobilise public and private finance.
Exhibitions and events in the UK-run zones, including the Green Zone at the Glasgow Science Centre, will also feature throughout the programme to showcase progress from the whole of society, governments, businesses, amongst others.

The Presidency programme will run alongside the formal negotiations which sit at the heart of the UN summit and will focus on closing off the outstanding aspects of the Paris Agreement. For more information visit HERE.
Climate March

The council has received notification of the intention to hold a climate change march (public procession) on November 6, during COP26. Encouraged by the United Nations as a mechanism for people to show support for tackling climate change and having their voices heard, marches such as this one are a key feature of wider COP related activity, in host cities, while the official negotiations are being conducted.
The council and partner agencies, including Police Scotland, will now work with the organisers to strike a reasonable balance between protecting the fundamental right of individuals and organisations to organise and participate in public processions safely, and the need to minimise disruption to the wider community, by protecting the rights of all of Glasgow’s citizens to go about their business without unnecessary disturbance and interference.
Conference of Youth

Strathclyde University is set to host the world’s largest annual youth gathering on climate change ahead of COP26. The university will host the UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16) from October 28 until October 31.
Organised by YOUNGO (official Youth Constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – UNFCCC), this conference is in its sixteenth year and serves as the official space for capacity building and policy training for young climate leaders from across the globe. The conference will culminate in a policy document shared during COP26.
Host City Zone

Plans are progressing for Glasgow’s own area of COP activation, its Host City Zone, which will be held in the City Chambers, in partnership with UKG.
Operational throughout the whole of COP26, the City Chambers provides a prominent and appropriate place to welcome the world to the city and to showcase the best of Glasgow and create a lasting legacy.
With a carefully curated programme of receptions, events, meetings and activations, the HCZ will complement the official COP26 programme and also be used to reach out to other city networks, sub-national groupings and businesses for the future and provide a platform for the city’s cultural sector and communities to exhibit their involvement in, solutions to and response to the city’s climate emergency.
The intention is also to host a Destination Media Hub within the city where media from around the world can access information on the host city and showcase Glasgow as the perfect place to live, work, study, invest and visit.
Citywide Activations      

The scale of activities by partners and many other organisations in the city is significant and spread across the compact city centre and beyond. This presents the opportunity for an animated and vibrant ‘COP City’ feel to promote a successful conference, a successful host nation and city, and a safe and secure event.
Council, Police Scotland and other partners working with many organisations to support, assist and advise on planning for these activities with considerations given to the operational impact of security, transport etc on events and how they can be facilitated and co-ordinated.
Get Ready Glasgow – Business Readiness Guide launched

A new guide to help businesses in the city prepare for COP26 has been launched. Available on the Get Ready Glasgow website and HERE the document covers areas including safety and security, traffic and transport and ways that businesses can play their part in supporting the event and efforts to tackle climate change.
Glasgow’s Citizens’ Assembly meets to discuss climate emergency

The first session of the citizens’ assembly, which has been set up to discuss the climate emergency, takes place in Glasgow this week.

The assembly, which is being facilitated by market research company Ipsos MORI in conjunction with the Council, will involve a randomly selected representative group of 50 residents from across the city.
Meeting five times across August, Assembly members will be presented with evidence from policy experts on various subjects. They will then be asked to discuss how Glasgow can tackle the climate emergency by 2030, sharing their views on aspects of the transition to net-zero carbon that will most impact them.
A report detailing the assembly members’ priorities and recommendations will then be presented to councillors before the start of COP26.
Thank you
The COP26 Team, Glasgow