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Bah humbug – the term that Scrooge made synonymous with leaders at Christmas as they prioritise profits to the detriment of employee happiness.

Thankfully this attitude has dissipated and as we close out the most challenging year on record, boards have been a saving grace for many. But could there be more that you could be using your board for?

As the festive season approaches at pace, it’s as good a time as any to remember that your board is not just for Christmas. Join us as we host a webinar on Thursday 3rd December looking at how to get the most from your board.

Led by for former Grant Thornton partner and experienced non-executive director, George Elliott, here are the five golden (rings) benefits of a board.

  • 1. Rather like the three wise men, your board should have a deep seeded knowledge of your sector and know how to lead you towards success, but things have moved on and we do need the ‘Wise Women’ on board too!
  • 2. They should also support you by providing focus – to keep the business on track, following the business plan and making sure there are no distractions along the way.
  • 3. At a time when purse strings are tight, and show no sign of loosening, your board should be tapped to identify new pathways to finance.
  • 4. Their networks will often be far reaching which may benefit new revenue streams or provide a new resource that can be called upon.
  • 5. To maintain a sparkle across the business, it is important to refresh the board regularly. Your board should challenge the status quo – there is no point in being surrounded by a team that follow the same thinking as you. By introducing a group from different backgrounds, this will provide diversity of thought which may allow you to consider new growth paths.

To learn more about what makes a good board (at Christmas and beyond) sign up to our webinar here.