Financial Resilience

Financial Resilience

With downward pressure on budgets across the public and private sectors there has never been a more important time for ensuring that scarce resources are used wisely and collaboratively. The combination of skills across public and private sectors, if managed and deployed appropriately, has the potential to create a safe, customer focused, vibrant and progressive economy in Scotland. While we acknowledge the competitive nature of business the Scottish Business Resilience Centre nevertheless believes that many protection, identification and intervention strategies to protect our businesses and communities can be achieved collaboratively without compromising the commercially competitive edge required to be successful.

Partnership working across public and private sectors is absolutely key to providing best value, reducing duplication, controlling costs and delivering a safe and secure Scotland where business can flourish and communities can be well serviced. Through collaborative working across all organisations we can together deliver a Scottish business environment that is secure for all, presents business opportunities and is attractive for investment.

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre will provide businesses with support, guidance and consultancy in a bespoke manner for clients in;

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Vulnerable Customers (Financial Harm)
  • Fraud Prevention, intervention techniques and investigation consultancy
  • Cyber Services

Services are delivered by experts with backgrounds in law enforcement, financial services, investigation, fraud prevention and range of other disciplines

To find out more about what we deliver and how, call us on 01786 447 441 or e-mail [email protected] We will be happy to discuss informally the nature of your requirements. If we do not directly provide the services you need we will be able to link you to one of our members who will step in to assist.

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