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SBRC seconded Police Officer, David MacCrimmon, discusses the benefits of downloading the ACT App.

Around 18 months ago I was asked by my colleagues at NaCTSO to assist in running a workshop to help them shape their proposal for new ways to share information with business, and many SBRC member businesses were represented and got involved.

The resulting ACT App, which is available free to download on both Apple and Android, was one of the main things that came out of that workshop, and other workshops with businesses around the UK.

The ACT App provides useful guidance on all aspects of protective security and is also being used for COVID-19 messaging in addition to counter terrorism specific messaging.

Having counter terrorism guidance as well as immediate alerts and messaging in your hand is a powerful tool; whether you are on the frontline as a security officer at a visitor attraction, a major sporting or entertainment event, at a shopping centre or for an office block, having this tool on your phone giving you that 24/7 information is invaluable.

NaCTSO have recently announced that one quarter of a million individuals are using the app, security professionals and providers, businesses who look after facilities and look after the public and site visitors in addition to their own staff.

Even though I am well versed in providing counter terrorism advice and guidance to many over the years through my role at SBRC, I have this app too, that’s how much I hold value in it.

Here’s how you can get the app

1 Download the Urim app from the Google Play or Apple Store.

2 Email [email protected] to request a user name and password.

*Please note access is for business/professional use only.