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Bringing Scotland’s Business and Resilience Community Together

Community is at the core of everything we do at SBRC.

We exist to help and bring together the business community in Scotland, offering them services available nowhere else. Through our unique structure and relationships, we offer any business in Scotland direct access to leading figures in the resilience and cyber world.

Whether it be our team of ethical hackers, cyber experts, seconded members of Police Scotland, or our community advocates, we’re here for you.


Our Strength is in Collaboration

We aim to grow and nurture our community across Scotland, providing relevant help and advice when needed to our members, partners and the business community as a whole.

We do this by delivering timely and relevant information to our community and membership, as well as through the growth of our goodwill collective, Scottish Business Cares.

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Find Out How The SBRC Community Can Benefit You

No matter your business sector or location, you are welcome to the SBRC community

SBRC Membership

Our members benefit from the unique level of advice, support and expertise, as well as gaining access to a wide range of networking opportunities.

Scottish Business Cares

A goodwill collective, Scottish Business Cares, was formed to help maintain unity throughout and after the Covid-19 pandemic within the business community in Scotland.


The CyberScotland Partnership is a collaboration of key strategic stakeholders, brought together to focus efforts on improving cyber resilience across Scotland in a coordinated and coherent way.