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The Cornerstone of SBRC

By becoming a member of SBRC, we provide your organisation with the tools and knowledge to become more resilient and mitigate potential threats, both on and offline.

As well as benefitting from SBRC’s unique relationship with Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the Scottish Government, you will have the opportunity to network with other businesses and learn from industry experts.

At SBRC we work closely with our members to provide a range of tailored business training packages, these are delivered by our seconded Police and Fire officers, along with our team of cyber specialists, to keep our members safe, secure and resilient.

As an SBRC member you can upgrade your membership anytime and you also can add any of the Bolt-On benefits to your current package. If you’re looking to connect to, develop and influence your network and the wider business community, as well as improving your knowledge, skills and mindset in business and cyber resilience, then join SBRC.

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Membership Packages

Find the package that fits your needs


Bronze Membership

This is the basic membership benefit which all members are a part of.

£300 (plus VAT)

This package includes all the core benefits which are listed in the next section.


Silver Membership

Silver membership includes all the benefits as a Bronze member with additional cyber benefits.

£1500 (plus VAT)

We see cyber security improvement as a journey for all organisations big and small and we also offer a range of commercial services to include Cyber Resilience Awareness & Training, Vulnerability Assessments, Anti-Phishing Exercises and more. We also recognise an individuality in all organisations with varying needs and cyber maturity specific to their business, risk and sector.

The following benefits are included:

  • Cyber Resilience Awareness and Training Presentation – Board
  • Cyber Resilience Awareness and Training Presentation – Staff

Gold Membership

This includes the Bronze & Silver membership and an additional 6 presentations.

£2500 (plus VAT)

Alongside the core benefits, the cyber resilience awareness and training presentations, Gold member will have access to six additional presentations of their choosing. Members will pick two from each of the categories.

They have the opportunity of choosing:

  • 2 Police Led Presentations
  • 2 Cyber Led Presentations.

Bronze Plus Membership

This is the basic membership benefit which all members are a part of, however the ‘Plus’ element means a presentation from our resilience team is included.

£600 (plus VAT)

This package includes all the core benefits which are listed in the next section along with a presentation from either our Police secondees. The list of presentations can be found in the Bolt On Benefits section.

Core Benefits

Core benefits of SBRC membership include:

  • SBRC App
  • Logo on website
  • Business Alerts
  • Member only communication
  • Invite to Parliamentary reception
  • Discount on SBRC events
  • Access to Incident Response
  • Access to Scottish Business Cares
  • Invitation to webinars and virtual events

For more information, please email [email protected]

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Bolt-On Benefits Options

Below are our service add-ons that you can include in your bespoke membership package.

Cyber services

Police Led Presentations

  • ACT (action counters terrorism – terrorism awareness)
  • SCAN (see, check and notify – business security advice)
  • Lone Working
  • Personal Safety
  • Conflict Management
  • Insider Threat
  • Human Trafficking
  • Money Laundering
  • Protest Activity
  • Incident Management (robbery)
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Bystander Training (night-time economy / Best Bar None)
Cyber services

Cyber Led Presentations

  • A series of presentations devised and delivered by our ethical hacking team.

Our members