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Helping Businesses Navigate Through Covid-19

Scottish Business Cares (SBC) is a goodwill collective formed in response to Covid-19, delivered by The Scottish Business Resilience Centre in partnership with the Scottish Government, and supported by in-kind partners Par Equity, Taranata Group, Droman Solutions, Clark Communications and Anderson, Anderson & Brown LLP.

The focus of the newly formed service is to provide agile guidance, navigation and support around the practical and legal issues facing businesses and offer focused mentoring pre- and post-Covid-19.

Above all is a guiding principle of sharing information and experiences to ensure that no Scottish business fails because of lack of knowledge and support.


How We Do This



Webinars with leading industry experts that will help business leaders navigate COVID19.



Dissemination of timely advice via our Social Media, Apps and Video Platforms.



Triaging and 1-1- mentoring of organisations who need immediate support by leading industry mentors.



Collaborating and co-ordinating the business community around public sector efforts for COVID19, around volunteering or supply chain engagement.



Mobilising professional volunteers via furlough scheme to support industry and the public sector including NHS, Scottish Government, Police and Fire.

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About SBC

A goodwill collective, Scottish Business Cares (SBC), has been formed to help maintain this unity throughout and after the pandemic.

Our Supporters

Our webinars are supported by a number of organisations and individuals who have given their time and expertise.


Our 60-minute webinars provide a chance for attendees to understand and ask questions about topics which will help businesses resilience.


Scottish Business Cares is offering a 1-2-1 mentoring service for organisations who need immediate support in overcoming challenges brought on by Covid-19.

Webinar Testimonials

Find out what others have to say about their experiences. 


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