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As our businesses may move from growth to contraction, we will discuss how to preserve the critical factors that will drive business growth again, after a business has gone through a contraction.

Managing the organisational growth of a business can be surprisingly difficult. The success factors that created the growth – culture, staff morale, focus and more – are all at risk when a company gets larger. And when a business needs to temporarily contract in size, the impact on these factors can be even more profound. SMEs in today’s business climate need to prepare for both types of transition.

Speakers: Gaëlle Ciriego, Ipso Facto.

After a career spent working in senior HR roles, Gaëlle founded Ipso Facto in 2009, and has since supported the growth and development of over 50 start-ups and scale-ups in the UK and globally.

For example, Gaëlle created the People function within Skyscanner, and supported the company’s growth from 50 employees to over 900.
Gaëlle’s expertise includes organisation design, strategy development, leadership, learning and development, strategic HR, compliance and policy.