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This informal discussion will see experts come together and look at the year gone by and the lessons we have learned along the way; the good and the bad. Most importantly, the panel will focus on how the business community can rebuild and recover from the pandemic in this new emerging world.

The panel are no strangers, having joined us over the last year on many occasions to provide quick, relevant, and vital advice to the business community of Scotland when they needed it the most. Hopefully keeping their business afloat and answering those all important and difficult questions which many businesses were unprepared for.

As we wait with anticipation for the new norm to settle, we begin to prepare for what that may look like and try and get ahead with preparations. Can we repay borrowed money? How do we increase profit to cover this? Does the business need to diversify? Is our market still the same pre-Covid? Will we continue working from home? These are just a few of the next stage of burning questions which businesses are working through.

The expert panel will look back at the greatest achievements, what we have learned from the pandemic and more importantly discuss how we continue forward and rebuild and recover in this new world.

Panellists include: