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When faced with a crisis as confusing and terrifying as something like COVID-19, it’s easy for even the biggest brands to get overwhelmed and make the wrong call.

On the one hand, you need to maintain your brand positioning, understand your competition whilst showcasing your unique tone of voice so that you can differentiate yourself from your competition.

During times of crisis, business leaders need to sit down with their teams and think about which messages they want to send with their branding, to sell to their clients and keep them loyal.

Whilst doing this they need to understand that Competition is inevitable. Regardless of the product or service you provide or the industry you serve, you are going to run into other entrepreneurs and companies offering something similar.

In order to stand out, you need to find a way to stick out from the crowd, many do this by claiming to be the “best” unfortunately this positioning can be difficult to sell.

If you try want to differentiate yourself, you need to create an impenetrable position that a new competitor can’t just take away.

If you’re having trouble with this –  now could be the perfect time to get some extra help.

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