New Life For Empty Buildings - A Can Do Places and Spaces Workshop

New Life For Empty Buildings - A Can Do Places and Spaces Workshop



A Can Do Places and Spaces Workshop

  • 6 billion pounds of property lies empty across Scotland.

  • 48% of home based businesses plan to grow.

What if community groups turned empty buildings in to collaborative co working spaces?

This practical session tells you how to make it happen.

Is it easy? No

Is it worth it? Yes


Community groups generate an indepenedent income for their trust or organisation.

  • Each Can Do Space is worth a minimum of half a million to a small town in Scotland.

  • Multiply that across Scotland's towns and that is a staggering £240 million to the Scottish economy.

  • 2,000 new and growing businesses can be created.

So, bye bye, Woolworths, BHS, hello Can Do Spaces. Vibrant towns and communities where people make work together and everyone benefits.

This is a hands on practical workshop for anyone that wants to see their local economy and town, city or village thrive. It's for community activists, local authorities, MSPs, and those in economic and community development.

Districts of Creativity

Can Do Places is part of the Districts of Creativity programme. To find out more visit their website at -


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