Logistics Scotland 2019

Logistics Scotland 2019

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SBRC are proud to be a part of Logistics Scotland 2019, a comprehensive programme of expert speakers, providing industry and government viewpoints affecting Scottish logistics business across all modes.

SSCS Project Manager Stewart Hurry will be speaking at the event, discussing the Domestic Transport Network and how it can become more resilient. 

“We look into how Scotland's Transport network will develop – seeking greater reliability and weather resilience.

In the first part of this session, we focus on rail. Network Rail present on current/future of Rail Freight in Scotland and any opportunities for growth and Malcolm Logistics talk to us about how '48 for 48' can grow the use of rail freight solutions.

Aberdeen on average has 34 snow days a year. Winters in Scotland can be tough with storms, plenty of snow and lots of rain. In the second half of this session we focus on and how to make sure it is weather efficient and resilient.”

Programme highlights:

  • International connectivity: the prospects for services from Scotland ports and airports, and connections via England
  • How Scotland’s national transport networks will develop – seeking greater reliability and weather resilience
  • What skills and labour challenges will face Scottish logistics and how to respond to them
  • How are urban access restrictions and difficulties going to affect movements and deliveries
  • What will be the best routes for logistics in Scotland to de-carbonise – what will need to be done


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