How to De-risk Cyber in Mid Market Scotland



How to De-risk Cyber in Mid Market Scotland

The Cyber Security Landscape has changed and not for the better. High profile incidents at companies like Yahoo, TalkTalk and Tesco Bank mean large corporates in high-risk sectors are investing heavily to defend against new risks. But what about mid-market firms – how should they respond?

Mid-market firms are highly diverse: vulnerabilities and assets requiring protection vary.

While the mid-market is a dynamic, high growth part of the economy, organisations rarely have the scale and financial resource to employ full-time cybersecurity teams. Directors are faced with complex investment decisions surrounding security versus growth-driving initiatives.

How can organisations be more effective in this area, and if incidents arise what can they do?

Join us on our webinar to hear from

• Federico Charoksy – Quorum Cyber

• Scott Tees Decode Cyber Solutions


• Victoria from NCSC

• Declan Doyle - SBRC

• Ciara Mitchell - ScotlandIS

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Jul 15, 2020 12:00 

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