Human Trafficking: how to spot the signs



Human Trafficking 

There has been a reawakening amongst those who may not be fully aware of the current issues surrounding people being exploited, with the thinking that slavery is confined to history. Sadly it still goes on.

Police Scotland is currently conducting visits to rural businesses in Scotland to raise awareness of an increased risk of trafficking and exploitation. Trafficking continues to increase in Scotland and with lockdown many of the urban based businesses usually associated with labour exploitation, such as nail bars and car washes, are closed.

Sadly, recent Intelligence suggests that traffickers could be targeting the agriculture, fisheries and food sectors, where there is a higher demand for labour at this time of year. These business areas will be the focus of Police Scotland activity to raise awareness and ensure businesses are not falling foul of traffickers and that people being employed are not victims of exploitation.

This week and next, officers in Tayside, Fife, Aberdeenshire and Dumfries and Galloway, supported by colleagues from the National Human Trafficking Unit, are visiting farm premises, fisheries, food processing plants and other similar businesses to engage with owners, inspect working conditions and check the immigration status of employees.

In addition, police will also use this engagement to raise awareness of human trafficking and how these industries can support Police Scotland and partners in tackling the traffickers.

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