Dundee fireside chat



Dundee fireside chat 

Why building a vibrant and supported tech scene during and post-covid matters now, more than ever.

What do we need to do to support this in Dundee as a community, and how we can get others involved!

Chris Martin /Jude McCorry - welcome and overview

Alistair Forbes - what other cities have done (coordinated) to stimulate their tech scene, what still needs to be done and how we can learn from and collaborate with others

David Farqhuar - David will discuss his own experience of raising US VC money for a Dundee based operation and will reflect on his personal and professional learnings, providing invaluable advice and tips on how ambitious local businesses can follow in his footsteps, and what will change because of Covid-19 and beyond.

Chris Martin - winning industries/Losing industries

Chris Neumann - how the valley is coping with this and what he thinks will happen next, how can Scotland prepare for the changes.

Panel Discussion - moderated by Paul Atkinson Par Equity


This event is ideally suited for:
• Senior Technology Executives in Dundee who want to protect and build a bigger tech scene in Tay cities.
• Economic Development, those who want to know what other cities have done to punch above their weight in tech.
• Corporate Finance teams who want to hear about options to connect into the valley.
• Investors who may want to build a Dundee-based fund/tech execs network.
• Educators who want to know what the tech scene needs to be globally ambitious, and how they can pivot around Covid-19

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