Webinar: The challenge to Scotland’s rural economy and staying safe in these changing times



From Small Business Grants to increased supply chain cyber risk, from work force mental health to the paradigm shift in WFH, to reducing the white noise in the many cyber vulnerability and threat feeds to just keeping my business and our rural economy viable and solvent.

To Zoom or not, how do I communicate securely with my staff and customers?

Building on our recent cyber workshops across Scotland’s Highland & Islands, this webinar addresses these key concerns and more for Scottish SME’s with an ethos of support, signposting and resilience.

This is not a black-and-white scenario. If there are components of your infrastructure or processes that we’re not ready when this crisis broke, there is time now to review and improve them. What will the future hold, what do I address first, what are my key priorities in Business Continuity?

You will hear and interact with a panel of expert presenters drawn from a range of business disciplines with a focus on cybercrime, innovation and opportunity.

Our panel includes representatives from

·      Stornoway Chamber of Commerce

·      Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Unit

·      Police Scotland H & I Cyber Protect Officers

·      SBRC Ethical Hackers 

This webinar continues in our series of Scottish Business Cares webinars available at  https://www.sbrcentre.co.uk/events/  and is delivered on behalf of HIE, with the support of Scottish Government, Police Scotland, Business Gateway and others.

Register here.

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