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The Fire Protection Association (FPA) have released a useful free fire risk tool for businesses to help pinpoint any potential ‘blind spots’ in their fire risk mitigation measures within their premises.

Watch Commander Gary Wood, seconded SFRS fire officer to SBRC commented:

“This free to use tool has been created as part of the Fire Protection Associations ‘Know Your Building campaign’, the Fire Risk Blind Spot Calculator is a free to use resource which helps businesses identify potential gaps in in their fire safety and risk mitigation awareness and as a result, will increase business resilience and reduce fire risk as well as raise standards across the UK.”

By using the calculator, businesses can evaluate four key areas:

· Building knowledge

· Fire protection systems

· Training and competency

· Organisational resilience

Gary added: “It takes a very short amount of time to complete, 5-10 minutes in most cases and will provide you with personalised scores and resources to further build your knowledge on fire risk within your business premises.”

Click here to access the tool.