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Cyber Resilience Community Lead at SBRC, Kirstie Steele, introduces the new CyberScotland partnership and how it’s set to benefit organisations across the country.

In February 2021, the CyberScotland partnership was announced. This collaboration brings together 10 partners, working together to improve Scotland’s cyber resilience. The Scottish Business Resilience Centre are one of the 10 partners involved in this exciting project. We will build upon the existing work already being carried out across the country.

As part of CyberScotland Week, the partnership launched the CyberScotland website – ( This new website is a single online resource for individuals and organisations looking for information and support across a range of cyber security and resilience issues. We want to make sure everyone can access the right information from the right sources. ​

The CyberScotland website gives you tools and guidance you need to improve your organisation’s cyber resilience. This advice reduces the likelihood of becoming a victim to cyber crime. Or, in the event on an attack, how to better handle it and limit its impact. 

This new website is a great starting point for organisations to get to grips with cyber basics. These are simple steps that are easy to implement and cost very little or even free to do. Doing these steps will significantly reduce the chances of your business becoming a victim of cyber crime.

Protecting your organisation from cyber attacks puts you in a stronger positive to thrive. It can increase customer confidence and help secure and retain business and contracts.

Take your first steps to securing your business and visit