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The National Cyber Security Centre’s annual report has revealed that more than a quarter of the incidents which the body responded to were Covid-related.

Responding to the findings SBRC CEO Jude McCorry said:

“It’s not surprising that cyber criminals have exploited so many individuals and businesses at a time when they have been extremely vulnerable. From ransomware to fake shop fronts scamming many unsuspecting individuals, now more than ever, it is absolutely vital that we each take the time to pause and to ensure that we have systems fit for purpose to deal with such attacks – and on the occasion where they might happen, know how to swiftly deal with them.

“Resilience on many levels has been a theme which has emerged during 2020, but by no means will we be out of the woods when the clocks chime on 2021. Businesses and individuals must ensure that they are ready to deal with a cyber incident, and if not, then know who to call on for support.

Prepare and respond

“SBRC has launched many programmes to ensure that businesses across Scotland are fit for purpose when it comes to cyber security; from the launch of our Incident Response line (01786 437 472) with Scottish Government, to our extensive Exercise in a Box training programme to help businesses across every inch of the country. Scotland plc is a valuable brand, and we are passionate about making sure that the business landscape comes out of the other end of this pandemic.

“With so many other external forces placing pressure on companies, if we can ease some of that by ensuring their cyber resilience practices and processes are in place, then that is one less aspect to worry about.”

You can read the NCSC annual report in full here.