CYBER BLOG: Cyber Security Assessment

How safe is your business from a cyber security attack? You test your fire alarms and burglar alarms to make sure that they’ll work in an emergency, so why not test your IT systems as well? It’s better to be tested by you rather than a criminal.

What is a Cyber Security Assessment?

It is the process of identifying, correcting and stopping any possible security glitches, that could waste your time, effort and resources on fixing. Your IT systems and hardware should be tested to ensure your data and your customer’s data is kept secure. There are two main tests, an internal security assessment and an external assessment performed by a certifying body. Both are explained below.

Internal Security Assessment

Internal assessments check to see what patches need configuring on the systems used and if any updates are available to amend them and how affective the anti-virus and firewalls are at stopping the unwanted malware. It would also include vulnerability scanning, testing for insecure Wi-Fi, testing to see what (if any) malware and spam filters are used on email servers. In addition to this, services requiring authentication would also be tested against commonly used usernames and passwords to see how ‘strong’ the login credentials being used are.

External Security Assessment

An external company will assess if your internal network has been implement correctly. They will test your systems to see what vulnerabilities they can find, this may include checking the; port access and services, HTTP versions, what devices are connected to the network and if any security loopholes can be found (this may be something as simple as the default password has not been changed). These are attacks which can be exploited by criminals off-site to cause damage to your business.

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