Volunteers Wanted: Cyber Security Risk

Companies required as case studies for masters dissertation.

The main goal of this dissertation is to use artificial intelligence - AI (neural networks) to generate a threat factor based on open source data, such as: tweets, news, blogs, new vulnerabilities. This can be used by companies and security professionals as a dashboard displaying the risk level in cyber-security. 

Volunteers would be used to demonstrate the importance of open source data and how this might be used by malicious actors. No details about the company are required except their name and website (ideally hosted internally). This is known as the first stage when assessing a company security and it's 100% passive. The company name will be not mentioned when writing the dissertation and all data that can link to it would be anonymised. Each company would be provided with a report containing all data that was found, possible threats and mitigation techniques. As the final goal would be to automate this process and generate the threat 

If interested, please contact Cosmin Rus on 07438 863 050.

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