Guess what’s back, back again

Guess what’s back, back again

Over the last few days there seems to have been another spate of high value “vouchers” appearing on Facebook. The most recent one claims to offer a £500 voucher for EasyJet to help them “celebrate” their anniversary. The link to claim the voucher looks genuine at first glance. It even starts with EasyJet, it’s not till you look further at the link that you can see that it is not the genuine EasyJet website. The actual website the link directs you to is This website was registered at the end of September, just when the scam started to appear. 

The truth however, is that it is just another scam. If you click on the link you get taken to a site to fill in a survey. These scams generally work in a few different ways.

Firstly, the scammers may be getting paid by a marketing company, who are possibly unaware of the tactics being used, for every survey that is being filled in. Secondly, the scammers may be trying to get you to divulge some personal information that can then later either be used to socially engineer you or be sold on to someone else. This information could be passwords, dates of birth etc. Thirdly, the scammers could be trying to trick unsuspecting users in to downloading a malicious file. Either way, this isn’t good news.

If you see anything like this on Facebook, the best bet is to ignore it. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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