CYBER BLOG: Cyber Resilience Week

This week is Cyber Resilience Week with many events being held across the UK. The week aims to help encourage people to have the confidence to talk and share their cyber experiences and make us all more secure.

At the end of last week Equifax, the large American credit report company, announced that they had been the victims of a cyber compromise and about 143 million customer’s details had been compromised. We all need to remember though, that it’s not just the large companies that are targets for hackers. Often smaller businesses are more attractive to hackers due to the perception that they do not have the same level of cyber security in place as the larger companies.

It is important that the whole organisation is aware of the risks that are faced from a cyber perspective. Cyber security is not a one time fix, it is an ongoing issue that needs attention on a regular basis. Businesses spend a huge amount of time training staff on health and safety and they conduct regular fire drills. Cyber needs to become part of this training.

Over the rest of this week we will publish a new blog every day showing some of the simple steps that we can all take to help secure our data and systems. On Wednesday, between 11 and 3, the Ethical Hacking Team here at SBRC are going to be taking over the Twitter account so that you can ask us anything you would like to know about Cyber security and the work that we do. Simply tweet your questions using #AskTheHackers

If there is anything in particular that you would like to see us write about this week, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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