New Head of Retail and Tourism Resilience Seconded to SBRC

New Head of Retail and Tourism Resilience Seconded to SBRC

AN EXPERIENCED Police Scotland Inspector has re-joined the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC).

Gary Ritchie has been welcomed by SBRC as its new Head of Retail and Tourism Resilience, following a previous three-year secondment to the Centre from 2010.

Gary’s 22 years of policing experience has taken him across Scotland in a variety of different roles, primarily in response policing and safer community initiatives, and most recently as a Response Inspector based in Greater Glasgow.

Following his first successful stint at SBRC as an Assistant Director, Gary will now be bringing his previous knowledge and experience to enhance Scotland’s business resilience capabilities within the retail and tourism sectors.

He said: “There have certainly been some enormous changes since my last stint at SBRC.

“The types of issues remain the same but the threat has definitely evolved, with the spectre of cybercrime touching on almost every aspect of business life. 

“My new role will allow me lots of face-to-face time with Scottish organisations looking at all aspects of resilience and helping to protect staff, customers and the wider business community in Scotland itself.

“On a day-to-day basis, I’ll be in touch with our current SBRC members and the wider retail and tourism industry, helping to build links with Scottish businesses in two of our most important sectors.

“A significant element of the job will be to provide a crucial link between firms and regulators, as well as law enforcement, such as the Police and other public, private and third sector organisations.”

Gary’s experience is a welcome addition to the team at SBRC, which has expanded significantly this year with the appointment of its first ever Chief Operating Officer and a new Head of Cyber Security and Innovation.

Lynsae Tulloch, Chief Operating Officer of SBRC said: “Gary is a long-term friend of SBRC and we’re delighted to welcome him back.

“The role will be fundamental in driving further development in our retail and tourism partnerships, where Gary has extensive experience at both strategic and operational levels through his policing.

“Ultimately, he will be a real force for good in industries that are facing great challenges and risks.”

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre exists to create a secure environment where business can trade securely, regardless of size and sector.

It works closely with partners, members and stakeholders to help make Scotland a more resilient and safer place to live and work.

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