TEAM BLOG: Business Resilience - Threat, Risk and Harm

TEAM BLOG: Business Resilience - Threat, Risk and Harm

Keeping your business resilient can be a daunting task however being mindful and having a plan can go a long way to keeping your business safe. Consider the following:


What do you believe your business threats are? Think about cyber attack, utility disruption, adverse weather, pandemic influenza and terrorism.


Think of the risk of your business faces to the above threats: consider your property, products, customers, reputation and staff.


Consider the harm that could be inflicted on your business should it be faced with one of the threats

  • Property: building damage, insurance implications, denial of access both short and long term.
  • Products: supply chain disruptions, damage to products.
  • Customers: loss of confidential customer information, loss of income.
  • Reputation: reduced customer confidence due to data leak, loss of income.
  • Staff: loss of key employees, large scale staff  illnesses, ability to travel, consider having plans for minimum staff operating capability, emergency evacuations plans.

Do you have a plan to mitigate against such events? Being prepared for eventualities that pose threat to your business will ultimately determine how well you respond and how quickly your business recovers.

Check out our 10 Steps programme to find out where your weaknesses are and what you can do to prepare for them at


Local Business Asset Registers: L.B.A.R

Your Business in the Community:

Many business owners know that major disruption can be devastating to both business and the community, but do you know how you can help? Do you know we can create a stronger and more resilient community by being prepared for significant emergency events, together?

Do you wish to offer back to your community at a time of need?

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre is currently developing Local Business Asset Registers which will assist in the response to and recovery from significant emergency events. 

In a time of need, many people will pull together to offer their assistance in whatever way they can, with the L.B.A.R in place we will organise such willing support into a tangible, effective and efficient service.

As a good local citizen we can enlist your business on the register, where in a time of need emergency services and members of the public can come to you for assistance. Such assistance can be from as little as offering water, food and shelter to accommodation or transport. 

It is entirely voluntary and there would be no requirement to assist even if asked, it works purely on good will and community spirit.

Developing bespoke business resilience will contribute enormously to the recovery of local communities assisting them to get back to normal faster.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or require more information.


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