GDPR – 2 Months On

GDPR – 2 Months On

So it’s been two months since the introduction of the new GDPR regulations came in to full effect. For two years we all heard lots about the new regulations and attended lots of workshops to see how we could become compliant and avoid those hefty fines that have been promised, but are we all really ready and compliant? Or are we all hoping that now the launch is out of the way we can concentrate on other things in our business?

GDPR is one of those things, like health and safety, that isn’t going away or one-time project. GDPR is here to stay, Brexit or no Brexit, that is going to require continual attention and work and there are still lots of organisations out there that are not 100% ready.

Even though GDPR is a European set of regulations it is having an impact for companies across the world. Take for example the large US home furnishing store Pottery Barn. If you currently try and access their site from Europe, you are met with a page saying that due to new regulations (GDPR) and the technical difficulties involved the site is currently unavailable. The same type of message greets you if you want to read the online edition of The LA Times. These are just a few examples of companies who know they are not compliant and do not want to risk the fines that could be coming their way unless they up their game. There will be plenty of other examples of organisations that are either unaware (somehow) of their responsibilities or have not yet managed to become compliant but are taking the risk of not being caught.

But what are the risks? Companies and organisations have all (surely) heard about GDPR, but what about the public? Do they know? More important, do they care? Well according to this article in the Guardian ( the European regulators have reported a sharp increase in both the number of complaints and also a large increase in the number of reported breaches from companies. The report goes on to say “In Austria, more than 100 complaints have been filed in the last month, along with 59 breach notifications – the same number that would typically be received in eight months.”

So, it would be fair to say that the public are interested, they see GDPR as a way to take back control of their data and protect their privacy. We are going to have to wait a little longer to start seeing the reaction of the regulators to data breaches and complaints, but it can’t be long now till the first high profile case.

If you aren’t continuing your GDPR project to ensure ongoing compliance or you were not ready for the deadline, then now is the time to start putting things in place to help. SBRC and Droman Solutions have worked closely with experts to develop an immersive learning Accredited Training App for GDPR under new brand ‘Constellate’ to help educate staff in all sizes of organisation to understand the regulations and their responsibilities. The GDPR – Accredited Training App has now officially launched and can be downloaded from the Google Play and will soon be available on Apple Store.

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Gerry Grant, Chief Ethical Hacker

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