ACT Awareness

ACT Awareness

ACT Awareness events are open to businesses in Scotland, are free and can last between one and three hours depending on the time available and number of modules you would like to cover. The modules are reviewed and updated regularly and currently cover the following topics:

1. Introduction to Counter Terrorism
2. Current Threat
3. Identifying and Responding to Suspicious Behaviour
4. Identifying and Dealing with Suspicious Items
5. Bomb Threats
6. Responding to a Firearms or Weapons Attack
7. Document Awareness
8. Drones – (Unmanned Aerial Systems)
9. Social Media

ACT Awareness aims to:
· Raise awareness of current terrorism issues
· Give people confidence to report suspicious activity to the police
· Share and gather information
· Build and maintain effective working relationships
· Seek ways to combat terrorism and crime
· Maintain public trust and confidence in the police and other authorities

An attendance certificate showing the modules covered is awarded to staff at the completion of each event, enabling business to monitor and evidence staff development and awareness.

ACT Awareness seeks to enlist the help and support of individuals or groups interested in maintaining the safety and security of buildings, businesses, areas or neighbourhoods.

Please contact David MacCrimmon SAOC and Counter Terrorism Lead in the first instance to arrange a date and time. Tel. 01786 447441 or [email protected]

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