Strengthening cyber resilience - New action plan puts cyber-skills at the heart of learning and development.

A digitally connected economy and society that is more vulnerable to cyber threats requires its citizens to be more resilient, and for Scotland to have a strong talent pool of cyber security professionals.

That is why the Scottish Government, key educational partners and the National Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Board have co-produced this learning and skills action plan.

We see the programme of work set out in this action plan as a chance for us to review the way that digital intersects with all our lives and to make sure that everyone can reap its rewards and no one is left behind. If implemented successfully, it will allow us as a country, to get the most out of digital technology.

It will ensure that Scotland has professionals who are technically skilled in cyber security, which in turn will help secure our organisations, our public services and our infrastructure, and contribute to our economic ambitions in terms of the sale of cyber security goods and services here and abroad.

It also embeds cyber resilience throughout our education and lifelong learning system making it inclusive for everyone. We want to ensure learning for cyber resilience - whether it’s about being safe online as an individual, or learning technical cyber security skills - happens in community learning settings, in youth work and in third sector organisations, not just in schools, colleges and universities.

Together we can make sure that everyone in Scotland benefits from being a more cyber resilient nation, as we widen our horizons together, and enable all of Scotland’s citizens to operate safely, securely and confidently online, in their home and family lives and at work.

Louise Macdonald, OBE. Chief Executive, Young Scot & Co-chair of the Learning and Skills Steering Group of the National Cyber Resilience Leaders Board

Gordon McGuiness, Director, Industries & Enterprise, Skills Development Scotland & Co-chair of the Learning and Skills Steering Group of the National Cyber Resilience Leaders Board


The Learning & Skills Action Plan will be available here on the 7th March:

Safe, Secure and Prosperous: A Cyber Resilience Strategy for Scotland:

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