SnapDragon launches an automated brand monitoring platform Swoop

SnapDragon launches an automated brand monitoring platform Swoop

SnapDragon, the legal tech company, today launches Swoop, an automated brand monitoring platform for designers, manufacturers and retailers, the first of its kind to be made publicly available. Swoop has been created to enable brands to wage war with online criminal gangs of counterfeiters and copycats across all industries. In many markets, including toys, makeup and electrical, fake goods can be fatal or cause serious injury because counterfeits do not conform to the rigorous quality and safety standards with which genuine brands must comply.

By offering Swoop as SaaS (software as a service) and at a price SMEs can afford, SnapDragon gives all companies access to a world-class, robust, brand protection strategy.

Fast and easy to use, the software lets brands of any size take control of their online reputation, helping them find counterfeits and copycat goods being sold online quickly and easily so that they may be subsequently reported for removal.

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