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Train Hard, Fight Easy - Counter Terrorism Blog

Recently I was at an event and one of the speakers who, as part of their presentation, gave an impassioned few minutes on the fact that after the Manchester Arena terror attack they managed to fill a cinema with people from business for a counter terrorism input and how well it was received.

All very well and good, but I have often found this to be the case that there is a desire for these things post incident, it is seen as a wake up call, the shock of an incident bringing it to the forefront of your thoughts and “we should look at our plans and procedures”.

I firmly believe however that people should be doing this in preparation, so that you are actually ready for it should it happen. There is a term the military use “train hard, fight easy” and the same logic can be applied with counter terrorism awareness sessions.

Looking back at my records I can see that I have delivered CT awareness sessions to as little as five people in a room, when what I would like to see is 20 times that amount. I raise awareness on our website and Twitter page of the services we offer and there is little to no interest, but after an incident my inbox is full, and my phone doesn’t stop.

It is purely and simply complacency that stops you from sending your staff to something that is free, and it is this complacency that allows your readiness and preparedness to show its gaps to those planning the next attack.

I am rather passionate about this as you can tell.

We can deliver ACT CT Awareness sessions to your teams, free of charge. Just set aside the time and devote the staff and we will come along, present and engage with the attendees. Alternatively, you can visit the NaCTSO site for the latest eLearning product

David MacCrimmon SOC & CT Lead 

For more information and advice please email [email protected]

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