Tunnel rats’ £1m Glasgow hospital heist

Tunnel rats’ £1m Glasgow hospital heist

Check out Sunday Post article about the latest metal theft incident in Glasgow. Criminals plundered more than £1 million of metal and wiring from a derelict hospital using a hidden network of disused tunnels to loot the building, we can reveal.

Our Metal theft lead James Scott comments: 

They were very organised,” he said. “The criminals were basically working night shifts in the place. The only thing they didn’t have was a clock-in, clock-out machine.

“Unfortunately, they cut through a live cable which caused an incident and a fire in the new hospital.”

He added: “They will go for the copper first.The lead will be the last resort because it’s less valuable and it’s harder to transport.

“It’s not just the theft, it’s the damage that the thefts do to the buildings. It creates broken-window syndrome, which means it’s more likely to attract further criminality.”


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