Launch of Cyber Resilience Economic Opportunity Action Plan

Launch of Cyber Resilience Economic Opportunity Action Plan

Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work Derek Mackay launched the Cyber Resilience Economic Opportunity Action Plan on Wednesday 26 September 2018.

The focus of this plan is on creating the right conditions for Scotland’s cyber security supply side cluster to grow and thrive. It sets out actions that the Scottish Government and key partners will take during 2018-21 to ensure Scotland fully exploits these economic growth opportunities.

The overarching aims of the action plan are to:

  • Develop the right market conditions to encourage and support the continued emergence of the cyber security business community in Scotland;
  • Develop the right academic research capability and capacity to support and grow cyber security business innovation in Scotland;
  • Develop the right cluster management arrangements to ensure the approach is coordinated and has impact;
  • Develop the right supporting institutions to stimulate innovation and renewal within the cluster; and
  • Develop the right brand to help promote Scotland’s cyber security cluster in the UK and internationally, grow exports and reflect Scotland’s emerging position as the place to be for research and for developing and supplying cyber security goods and services.


The Scottish Government has committed to developing a suite of action plans to achieve the strategic vision of being a world leading nation in cyber resilience by 2020. The first of these, the Public Sector Action Plan, was published in November 2017 and is now being implemented across our public sector organisations. The second, the Learning & Skills Action Plan, was published in March this year with the overarching aim of enabling transformational, cultural and practical change through learning and skills in Scotland. The Third Sector Action Plan and the Private Sector Action Plan were published in June 2018 with the aim to develop a common, aligned approach to cyber resilience across the third and private sectors in Scotland. Now the final of the five plans, the Economic Opportunity Action Plan, will be published having been co-produced by the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise, in consultation with the cyber security industry, academia and the National Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Board.

Click here to view the Action Plan.

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