SBRC assists developing the Manchester Digital Security Centre

SBRC assists developing the Manchester Digital Security Centre

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) is delighted to be working with Greater Manchester Police to develop a new Digital Security Centre.

The Manchester Digital Security Centre, which follows SBRC’s business model, will be developed to tackle the ongoing cyber threats which target businesses operating in Manchester and beyond. The new centre will be a staple in the Manchester community, as it will exist to protect communities, promote economic growth and overall safety in the city.

SBRC Chief Executive Mandy Haeburn-Little is working directly with Greater Manchester Police and the Centre Lead, Neil J. Jones to monitor the set-up of the new centre. 

“It is a great pleasure to see the commitment that Manchester Policing is showing towards Cyber Security and equally to understanding the needs of business and how to help them be secure in what is already a challenging environment. We have been very impressed by the enthusiasm that the project has attracted although we are only at the initial stages. We look forward to seeing this new Centre playing an important role in the growing Cyber Prevention landscape. I would also like to pay tribute to CC Pete Goodman who has supported this vision through his activity at NPCC level – it is a great example of shared commitment and of great leadership, we are pleased that our model continues to attract growing interest.” – Mandy Haeburn-Little.

In our latest video, Mandy interviews the Manchester Digital Security Centre Lead, Neil J. Jones about the importance of the new development, with calls for businesses to get involved with their knowledge, advice and expertise.

To get involved, please email Neil J. Jones, Detective Superintendent and Police Lead at the Manchester Digital Security Centre.

Email: [email protected]



Stay tuned for future developments on the Manchester Digital Security Centre, as news of the centre’s structure will follow shortly.

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