Counter Terrorism Blog - 10th January

Counter Terrorism Blog - 10th January

Scotland, one of the best and safest places in the UK to live, work and visit.  

The last terrorist attack in Scotland was when? 2007 at Glasgow Airport, and we will forever remember that for one reason, a plucky baggage handler who fought them off single handed with little more than a good right hook and some Glasgow banter… and nothing has happened since then. 

“But that’s because it happens elsewhere, not up here, London is where it all happens, right? 

Well that would explain a lot to me, and why I find difficulty in engaging with business for Counter Terrorism Awareness sessions, it’s that complacency thing again. So, we’ll all be fine in Scotland, our business will be fine, and we can all walk about the streets here fine too. 

The reality is that terrorism is not just confined to big cities. There have in the past been arrests of individuals in Scotland for preparing acts of terrorism, and that can be international terrorism or domestic extremism.  

But the chances of attacks in Scotland is very low, right? 

OK, let us look at this another way. What if you travel to London, or elsewhere in the UK, or mainland Europe and you are caught up in a terror attack? 

We have to face the fact that terrorist or extremist incidents can be very spontaneous, and we have seen them to be indiscriminate in nature both in the way they are carried out and the victims involved. 

So, with that in mind, it is entirely appropriate that if you live and work in Scotland but travel for work or leisure around the UK or further afield then engage with the ACT CT Awareness campaign and better prepare yourself in the event, however unlikely, of a terror attack anywhere that you may be. 

Liaise with your police contacts for an input, and feel free to engage with us at the centre who can provide that in support of Police Scotland. Similarly you can sign up for the new ACT eLearning for business by clicking here 


David MacCrimmon SOC & CT Lead 

For more information and advice please email [email protected]

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