Putting ‘safe’ into place with a building security survey

Putting ‘safe’ into place with a building security survey

During July we’re focussing on building resilient businesses and putting ‘safe into place’.

One area of workplace safety which is often overlooked is personal safety and security, as well as the structural and environmental security of a premises. By having a security survey carried, out many issues can be mitigated through structural changes as well as attitude and awareness changes.

Surveys involve consideration of CCTV, alarms, locks, shrubbery, paths, fences and boundary definition.  All aspects of security are recommended to suit each premise and to augment any procedures and target hardening devices which might already be in place.

The security survey is undertaken by a Police Architectural Liaison Officer (ALO) who will come to your place of work and carry out a thorough examination of the property and surroundings.

Officers are trained to interpret architectural drawings in order to assess the physical environment, following the visit they will produce a detailed report with recommendations which can be applied to reduce the risk of criminal threat and enhance the safety and security of staff and visitors.

Surveys are based around the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) approach, which are designed to discourage crime and promote building security and can be applied to any existing or proposed developments.

SBRC Business Resilience Adviser Mark Anderson, who is seconded from Police Scotland, said: “There are several aspects to take into consideration which can affect the security of a building and equally important is employee safety.

“Architectural Liaison Officers will look at every aspect from the design of the car park and whether there is good visibility, taking into account if there is greenery or other objects obstructing view, to ways of maximising surveillance opportunities in the building itself.”

For businesses working in the construction industry, a further benefit of having your business surveyed by an Architectural Liaison Officer is the Secured by Design (SBD) initiative.

Secured by Design is a police accredited initiative that seeks to encourage the construction industry to adopt crime prevention measures in the design of developments, to assist in reducing the opportunity for, and fear of, crime.

It is awarded to recognise adherence to this holistic approach to crime prevention, which blends physical security and police expertise together in order to reduce crime in the built environment.

The award is made to developers who adhere to the police recommendations and has been proven to reduce housebreaking and criminal damage risk by at least 75%, further improving the safety and wellbeing of people places and communities.

If you would like to take steps to ensure your building is more secure, please contact our team at SBRC by emailing [email protected]

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