Constellate Launches new GDPR Training Web App

Constellate Launches new GDPR Training Web App

Exciting News! Constellate, powered by Droman Solutions Ltd and The Scottish Business Resilience Centre has launched their GDPR – Accredited Training App online!

Previously only available on mobile devices, the new GDPR – Accredited Training App is now available as a web app, meaning you can receive accredited GDPR training anywhere, anytime. The new web app comes with an easy to use license administration system, meaning there are no set up costs for larger organisations. Furthermore, the new web app syncs with your other devices, ensuring that your progress will be saved!

The Constellate GDPR – Accredited Training App blends gaming technology and intuitive learning techniques to create workplace simulated applications for training.

What does this mean for you?

A flexible, engaging and fun way to learn, which mirrors your digital media lifestyle.

Reinforce learning in a safe environment through guided rehearsals, as many times as required.

Our training is accredited, providing evidence of your professional development.

Reassurance that the content is maintained by our subject mater expert and available at any moment of need.

What does this mean for your organisation?

The Constellate GDPR App is fully accredited by the SFJ Awards – Work Development Trust. The Workforce Development Trust is a not-for-profit t SSC providing an end-to-end workforce planning and development solution for organisations of all sizes within the health, justice, police, armed forces, fire and rescue, prison, probation and local government sectors. Individual accreditation is included in the app and organisational accreditation is also available.

Facilitates rapid training for staff who make frequent, high volume operational decisions that create risk though non-compliance with legislation or regulation, and whose decisions impact successful service delivery and business effectiveness.

More engaging than e-learning and at a fraction of the cost of traditional learning approaches, reducing workplace abstraction and improving results.


What are you waiting for? Become trained in the General Data Protection Regulation with a free trial of the app on the new web app! Click here.

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