SBRC partnership shines bright at the Counter Terror Awards 2019!

SBRC partnership shines bright at the Counter Terror Awards 2019!

On March 5th, SBRC Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Lead David MacCrimmon attended the Security & Counter Terror Expo and the adjacent 2019 Counter Terror Awards at the ILEC Conference Centre in London.

The 2019 Counter Terror Awards

The 2019 Counter Terrorism Awards, hosted this year by Lord Reid of Cardowan,

aims to recognise the efforts of organisations in both the public and private sectors and their contributions to counter terrorism strategy in the UK and overseas. The awards also recognise the vital role played by the military and emergency services in mitigating terrorist threats and striving to keep the public safe. 

This year, the Security Industry Safer Scotland CT (SISS-CT) working group, an industry-led group which operates in collaboration with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, Police Scotland, the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and security companies were nominated for Best Counter Terrorism Project (UK/Ireland).

We are delighted to announce that SISS-CT won!


The SISS-CT working group winning the award, which was presented to a government organisation or public/private partnership which has developed and implemented an effective counter terrorism strategy or awareness campaign, has shown that our work in Scotland has peaked interest nationally. This is fantastic news for us in Scotland, showing that partnership between the SBRC, Police Scotland, the SIA and the security industry works, and we will continue in this work to make a difference in the way we can work together, to share knowledge and best practice. The opportunity to be recognised alongside NaCTSO, the National Crime Agency, Counter Terror Policing with ACT for Sport and the Institute for Economics and Peace, and to win, was simply fantastic, and just goes to show that Scotland is the shining light when it comes to partnership working.

SISS-CT works in not just an award-winning way. We aim to enhance the capability and capacity of the security industry in Scotland to counter terrorism. We do this by sharing knowledge and best practice, with training and awareness and will be looking going forward at extending that further to practical training, testing and exercising with the blue light organisations.

To find out more about SISS-CT – click here.


Security and Counter Terror Expo 2019


 The Security and Counter Terror Expo is a world-class showcase of the capabilities, strategies and intelligence to keep nations, infrastructure, business and people safe. At the expo, there was a vast array of products and technology on show to give delegates the opportunity to see what products would best suit to help with terror threat mitigation, whether that be site protection, people and staff protection and physical security measures. There are also conferences which are free to dip in and out of throughout the day, and there is an opportunity for you to look at what’s on offer and schedule your time to see and listen to speakers on a wide range of topics.

To find out more about the Security and Counter Terror Expo, click here.

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