As the UK threat level is reduced, is your business prepared for the unexpected?

As the UK threat level is reduced, is your business prepared for the unexpected?

Serious Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Lead, David MacCrimmon urges Scottish businesses and individuals to remain vigilant as the UK threat level is reduced to substantial.

On the 4th November, the Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that the UK threat level was being reduced from “Severe” where it meant an attack was highly likely, to “Substantial”, meaning that an attack is likely.

The reduction in the UK threat level to Substantial indicates positive developments by the Police and the Security Services in countering acts of terrorism, foiling attacks and apprehending those persons who had been preparing acts of terrorism.

We should remember that despite this change in status, the security services are still monitoring a significant number of “subjects of interest”, those who are former IS fighters, or those individuals with a warped sense of ideology or who are easily radicalised.

Speaking as a police officer, be assured that Police Scotland continue to work with partners at home and abroad to counter the threat from terrorism and ensure the safety and wellbeing of our communities. Communities defeat terrorism, and that also includes the business community, so we must maintain strong links.

With the news that the UK threat level has been reduced, organisations and individuals must remember to be vigilant. We need to think ahead to what is happing here in the UK, with not only Christmas, but a general election, which means our towns and cities will be busier than usual, so I would ask that you remain vigilant, be alert but not alarmed.

When you’re out and about this Christmas think about your personal safety also.

Stay alert to your surroundings. Crowded places are soft targets and, in the past, Christmas markets on mainland Europe have been targeted. This shouldn’t deter us from going out and enjoying outdoor markets at this time of year, remember there are people out there to protect us, police and security.

On that, you may see an increase in police or security personnel at outdoor markets and events. This is something that you should not be concerned about, and in fact we as a society are starting to get used to it. Although some may be put off by seeing more security, police and even armed police at outdoor events it is often not in response to any specific threat, but part of a national response to keeping people safe. You may also see vehicle barriers in place, aimed at stopping vehicle attacks that have been seen in the past on mainland Europe.

Event organisers and business will be working with the police, to minimise the risk and prevent these things from happening, to keep you safe and ensure that you enjoy your Christmas.

Are you looking to improve your organisational resilience and personal safety this festive season?

SBRC can deliver ACT Awareness sessions designed to give businesses and individuals a greater understanding of the terrorist threat landscape in the UK. Furthermore, our ACT Awareness sessions enhances your preparedness towards terrorist attacks and critical incidents.

ACT Awareness sessions can be delivered to your organisation free of charge by SBRC. Our members benefit from bespoke workshops surround this topic also. To find out more, please contact [email protected]


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