SBRC helps businesses spot the signs of modern slavery

SBRC helps businesses spot the signs of modern slavery

Ahead of International Anti-Slavery Day on October 18, SBRC’s Serious Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism Lead David MacCrimmon visited Barclays Bank in the City of Glasgow to raise awareness of Human Trafficking, also referred to as Modern Slavery, together with partners from Glasgow Community Safety Partnership’s TARA (Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance).

SBRC’s Police Scotland seconded staff believe that raising awareness of Human Trafficking in Scotland, the facts and figures surrounding the issue and more importantly how to spot the signs of a potential victim, are important to businesses in Scotland who regularly interact with the public. Furthermore, we believe it also helps to create a better citizen approach to helping victims.

The session went really well, and we found a great level of interaction and interest in the subject with plenty of questions being asked.

Why would a major bank ask for a Human Trafficking awareness session?

Barclays have identified that there are occasions when traffickers sometimes open bank accounts for victims or exploit victims by accessing their accounts. Barclay’s already have plans in place to deal with such scenarios and wish to enhance their staff skills further to spot the red flags and indicators of potential victims, and importantly how to deal with that and who to contact.

Human Trafficking often happens in plain sight; people are moved around and sold as a commodity in Scotland’s cities and towns. Victims are put to work in shops, factories, car washes and agriculture in Scotland and we, as ordinary citizens, have the ability to spot potential victims outside of our working environments.

With a high level of interest in the subject from Barclays, they have requested further inputs to enhance staff awareness of the issues surrounding Human Trafficking. SBRC is happy to deliver these inputs in future sessions, with support of our Police Scotland colleagues in the Human Trafficking Unit at the Scottish Crime Campus.

Whilst today we recognise International Anti-Slavery Day, we believe more can be done to raise awareness of Human Trafficking every day of the year in order to tackle this issue to protect victims.

SBRC in partnership with Police Scotland are able to deliver Human Trafficking sessions to your staff absolutely free of charge. SBRC members can furthermore benefit from Human Trafficking Workshops as part of their membership.

To find out more about our Human Trafficking sessions and workshops, please get in touch.



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