Logistics news: May

RHA publish risk assessment guidance

The RHA has published a one-page overview following the UK Government updating working safely guidance. RHA's document sets out what the requirement is and where to find further guidance, which can be found here.

Logistics Manager Analysis: Sustainable Supply Chains

Achieving sustainability throughout a supply chain could appear to be a never-ending task, and some supply chain professionals are calling for radical alterations to well-established business practices in order to make the changes required, writes Christopher Walton.  

Freight forwarders must be aware of new rash of supply chain crimes as fake goods proliferate

Those forming each link of the supply chain have a duty of care to ensure that anything they pass along is free from the whiff of criminality. This applies particularly to freight forwarders who now find themselves carrying more responsibility than ever before to ensure that every consignment is exactly what it says on the tin.

Insurance group warns of potential cargo crime wave as freight builds up due to pandemic 

Insurance group TT Club has issued a stern warning regarding the accumulation of cargo building up around the globe as the coronavirus outbreak plays havoc with transport systems. The Club points to the lag between the large-scale sourcing regions of China and other parts of Asia and the consuming markets of Europe and North America which it says has caused significant blocks of freight to be stuck in less secure facilities in both exporting and importing nations.

SBRC SSCS Project Manager & Secure Transport Lead, Stewart Hurry, said: "If anyone would like some assistance in assessing the suitability of either temporary or permanent storage facilities, please get in touch and we can carry out a survey on your behalf.”

Roads Minister says "Nation will owe haulage and logistics workers a huge debt of gratitude"

“The whole nation will owe haulage and logistics workers a huge debt of gratitude,” according to Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Roads and Transport Security, Baroness Vere of Norbiton.

In a statement sent to Commercial Motor to address operators, Baroness Vere said that this time of national crisis “represents an unprecedented challenge for hauliers and logistics firms” but that the industry has risen to “with outstanding dedication and professionalism”.

“It has been an incredible effort, and I want to thank every single person who has contributed. You have not only ensured that Britain is fuelled and fed. You have strengthened the resilience of the country too, and helped us limit the spread of the virus, which in turn is saving lives,” the statement read.

Baroness Vere also addressed the regulatory changes that have been made in order to help support the industry and acknowledged the hardships being felt by drivers.

“I also recognise how difficult this period has been for the industry. Some drivers, for example, are living in their vehicles for days on end. Inevitably there are concerns over business viability and jobs, as there are in many sectors of the economy.

“We’ve also flexed regulations to help businesses manage through this exceptional period, in areas like CPC renewals, HGV and MoT testing, and extending drivers’ hours.” Read the statement in full here.

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