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Reducing the risk to your organisation

At the Scottish Business Resilience Centre we provide a comprehensive range of integrated cyber security services that help you assess, build and manage your organisation’s cyber security capabilities, and respond to incidents and crises.

Our professional services are designed to help you build confidence, understand your threats and vulnerabilities and secure your environment.

Professional Services

Cyber services

Cyber tabletop exercise

A cyber tabletop exercise helps identify issues in the cyber aspects of your company’s current business continuity plan; including emergency response plans, disaster recovery plans and backup integrity testing.

Cyber services

Web application vulnerability assessment

Just as an external security assessment is critical in ensuring a safe outer network perimeter and defence, a web application security assessment is necessary to make sure data processed through online services is handled securely.

Case studies

Our cyber team has delivered a number of professional services across a variety of sectors, helping organisations become more resilient to increasing online threats.

Read about what one of our recent clients, McInroy and Wood, had to say about their experience with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre.


Free Cyber Services from SBRC

Exercise in a box

Exercise in a Box

This FREE tool provides exercises based around the main cyber threats which your organisation can do in your own time, in a safe environment, as many times as you want!

Cyber essentials

Incident response

Our free helpline will support organisations who have fallen victim to a cyber-attack and, if so, provide expert guidance to get them back to secure operations.

Cyber services

CiSP and cyber essentials

CiSP is a joint industry and government scheme based in the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) designed to deliver situational awareness to its members and encourage the sharing of information on cyber risk.