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It’s About Trust

Building on the success of our ‘Trusted Partners’ initiative listing companies who have been accredited nationally as ‘certifying bodies’ for Cyber Essentials we thought it would be useful to extend this further and introduce you to ‘Approved Practitioners’.

‘Approved Practioners’ is the list of independent IT companies and consultants, known as ACE (Accredited Cyber Essentials) Practitioners working in Scotland who are trained in relevant disciplines and have been externally assessed and accredited to deliver advice, guidance and consultancy in Cyber Essentials.

Cyber services

What Does This Mean?

Very simply it means they can help organisations and businesses implement the requirements of the Cyber Essentials standard but are not certifying bodies. Once organisations have attained that level of preparedness and readiness they can then be independently assessed and certified as Cyber Essentials compliant.

Over the next few months we will be building awareness of this group along with our existing ‘Trusted Partners’ and featuring these companies as a group which we are pleased to promote to help businesses in Scotland. This scheme carries the endorsement of our core partners in Police Scotland.

So for now, here is a list of cyber security Approved Practitioners and the links to their websites: