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As any business knows, your security infrastructure and safety of sensitive data should be top priorities, especially as your business grows. For an organisation to ensure resilience against the plethora of malicious attacks that exist today, you need to  have a solid cyber incident response plan and you also need to test that plan regularly with a cyber tabletop exercise. 

So, what is a cyber tabletop exercise? In its simplest description, a Tabletop Exercise is a verbally simulated scenario which can have a serious business impact if it were to occur in real life. During the exercise, attendees are encouraged to respond to the scenario as they would do if it were real. They then review their actions and discuss how things could have been handled better. These scenarios are organisation-specific and are highly interactive, enabling tangible cross-departmental collaboration and communication.    

Our tailored interactive exercise focusing on specific aspects of cyber security. This could be a supply chain resilience exercise, investigating the relationships between your organisation and your supply chains, and how this can have an impact on your cyber resilience. Another example is an incident response exercise where your organisation can investigate how it would respond to a hypothetical cyber incident. This exercise aims to evaluate every aspect of your organisation’s preparedness in case of a cyber-attack. Our team can work with your organisation to tailor an exercise to suit your needs. 

There are many advantages to doing a tabletop exercise: 

  • Allows employees the chance to ask questions now and prevent any confusion or disputes if an actual attack was to happen.  
  • Enables people to better understand their individual roles and responsibilities in case of an attack, how and with whom they should liaison with.  
  • Helps the business understand the problems in its current resilience strategy in a cost-effective way, all the while preventing any disruption to business in general.  
  • Showing employees that just controlling the attack isn’t the whole picture. Communications and stakeholder management is just as important to consider in the early moments and can often be forgotten.  

If you would like to book a Cyber Tabletop Exercise or would just like to find out more, please e-mail [email protected] or call 01786 447 441.

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