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A helpline for Scottish organisations in the event of a cyber-attack

In partnership with Scottish Government and Police Scotland, SBRC has launched the UK’s first cyber incident response helpline for the SME community and the third sector to help victims of cybercrime understand what support is immediately available to them and help them recover.

The free helpline will help organisations confirm they have been the victim of an attack and, if so, provide expert guidance to get them back to secure operations.

The number to call is:

01786 437 472


When to call the helpline

Any organisation concerned about their IT security should call SBRC and if they think there is criminal activity to report the crime to Police Scotland on 101.

Organisations who are concerned about their security in general can also get in touch to confirm they have the right processes in place.

The helpline is run by SBRC in collaboration with Scottish Government and Police Scotland will also work with several trusted external companies around the country who can help in situations where an onsite expert is needed.

How to get in touch

Businesses can reach the cyber incident helpline by calling 01786 437 472 weekdays 9am-5pm.

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