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Over the last few months we’ve been working to refresh the focus of SBRC and our vision – which is to become the catalyst that makes Scotland one of the safest and most resilient places to live, work, and do business, both on and offline.

Business Resilience 2.0

SBRC is a respected voice in business resilience, bringing together the Scottish Government, Police Scotland, Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, and the Scottish business community.

Our new strategy sets out how we go forward, operating across three main areas to cover all aspects of business resilience and cyber security:

It was important our brand reflected these strong partnerships and our renewed focus, so with a new strategy in place, it was time to refresh our look.

Inspiring change

With the help of the very talented TwoFifths Design, we set about creating a new concept which would encapsulate everything SBRC stands for and what we aim to achieve.

Enter: Sir Andrew of Moray

With our brief set, the team at TwoFifths Design were tasked ensure we kept a strong Scottish connection in our brand. Whilst many might have opted for the likes of the obvious saltire, or thistle, they looked to the protectors of the past, to brand our protectors of the future. And that’s when Sir Andrew of Moray entered the concept!

Sir Andrew acted from 1289as the king’s chief law-officer in northern Scotland (the Justiciar). He was twice chosen as Guardian of Scotland, first in 1332, and again from 1335.

The new logo design was inspired as part of his shield.

At SBRC we want to be associated with the guardians of the Scottish business community, making the connection an ideal match.