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The app is now available to download from the Android and Apple app stores.

· Scottish Business Resilience Centre app will push relevant business and cyber related threats to users across Scotland, including businesses impacted by COP26.

· Targeted notifications will originate from organisations including Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

· App provides access to SBRC’s Cyber Incident Response Helpline.

The Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) has launched a new app to provide advice and support for businesses to do everything they can to stay safe – online and offline. Through targeted push notifications, businesses that download the app will be informed of credible threats to their operations including cyber threats, traffic, and protestor activity, and be given accurate sector-specific guidance within minutes.

The app, which has been developed with support from the Scottish Government, will be especially beneficial to businesses which have heightened concerns around cyber attacks and other threats to business activity as COP26 approaches. It will provide notifications coded into red, amber and green levels of priority to better inform businesses and allow them to distinguish which alerts will require immediate action and those that will require monitoring.

The tailored alerts are powered by user insights gathered at registration through a brief multiple-choice questionnaire capturing their industry, location, and specific concerns or challenges they may be facing. Using these details, the app will only share relevant threat insights with users – something likely to prove valuable in preparation for, during and after COP26.

The insights received by users through the app will be contributed from organisations including Police Scotland, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, the Scottish Government and the CyberScotland Partnership.

If you have any enquiries, issues, glitches, etc. with the app please use the form below to submit your details.