Our brand new e-mail monitoring service will give businesses extra assurance that the security of their e-mail accounts is being monitored as part of their wider cyber security response. 

Without intruding on customers’ personal e-mails, SwiftPass will help users find out if their password has been breached and details leaked by providing reminders to alert them to a potential problem. Businesses can then check for any unusual activity and change their password to secure the account before it’s too late.

This way, even if hackers were to pass on their details to others, the account password will have already been changed, making access impossible for the criminals.

The system is cheap and incredibly easy to use, so we would recommend that organisations take this step to give them that extra piece of mind when it comes to protecting employee e-mail accounts.

If you would like to book a SwiftPass or would just like to find out more, please e-mail [email protected] or call 01786 447 441.

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