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The People Behind SBRC

Find out more about our team and their areas of focus within SBRC

Nika Noakes

Marketing Executive

Nika joined SBRC in September 2021 as Marketing Executive primarily managing Exercise in a Box (EiB) programme. Within this role, Nika will coordinate and plan the internal and external marketing strategy for the thriving cyber security and prevention online tool, EiB, which recreates real world business scenarios and tests an organisation’s cyber resilience.

Nika’s accomplishments in the UK began with founding Changing Perceptions, a social initiative promoting active citizenship and community development through the execution of over 150 events and design-thinking workshops. She also spearheaded Edinburgh’s city-wide 16 Days of Action campaign in collaboration with local and national organisations and served on the boards of the Edinburgh Interfaith Association and UTSAAH, a position which included supporting 300 women in a rehab camp in Kashmir to found sustainable initiatives. Prior to arriving in the UK, Nika championed women’s rights causes in India, working closely with human rights organisations.

Kristyna Cundrlova

Assistant Project Manager

Kristyna joined SBRC in August 2021 as an Assistant Project Manager. She works closely with our Project Manager to provide comprehensive project management, finance and administrative support for Scottish Government projects such as Digital Boost.

Kirstie Steele

Kirstie Steele

Cyber Resilience Lead

Kirstie joined the team in July 2020 as Cyber Resilience Community Lead. Previously, Kirstie worked in the Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Unit as Workplace Learning Coordinator where she up-skilled thousands of workers, raised awareness of key cyber resilience practices and developed new guidance and toolkits to make Scotland a safer place to live and work. Kirstie continues to support organisations to build cyber resilience through a range of capacity building and engagement activities.

Alison Stone

Cyber Resilience Coordinator for the Third Sector

Cyber Resilience Coordinator

Alison joins the team at SBRC as Cyber Resilience Coordinator for the Third Sector to build on the work undertaken to improve cyber resilience within the third sector which she started during her two-year tenure at Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO). 

With a remit that includes providing cyber training, education and communications to a sector of 25,000 registered charities, there remains plenty of organisations within the charity and voluntary sector that Alison will be supporting in her role as Cyber Resilience Co-ordinator.

Neil Grant

Sergeant (business resilience)

Neil joined the centre in August 2020. He is on secondment from Police Scotland and has over 24 years policing experience. Neil has experience in a variety of policing roles including armed policing, management support, response, community and rural policing.

Neil is responsible for day to day management of the seconded team of police officers working within the centre and has overview of Best Bar None and the counter terrorism element of the centre workstream.

Carole Wyllie

Business Resilience Advisor

Carole Joined the centre at the end of March 2021 as a seconded Police officer from Police Scotland. Carole will take on the portfolio of Retail, Tourism and Finance Resilience Advisor.  She will continue to strengthen the partnerships already formed and work on creating new relationships within the retail, tourism and finance business sectors in Scotland.

With 19 years police service she brings a wealth of police operation experience having spent the majority of her police service on the front line, working within response policing and community policing.  Carole also specialised in other police roles including recruitment and training roles.

Allen Paul

Business Resilience Advisor

Allen joined the centre in May 2021 as a Business Resilience Advisor. Allen is a seconded serving Police Officer from Police Scotland where he has gained 16 years of policing experience. Allen is trained in architectural liaison, crime prevention and delivering presentations on various aspects of crime prevention. Allen’s focus is on strengthening our partnerships within our construction, manufacturing and transport work streams.