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The Cyber Leadership Exchange programme, managed by ACOSVO, is an initiative which pairs middle, senior and executive leaders across sectors to offer them brief cross sectoral exchanges to learn from each other, develop an understanding of another sector, encourage collaborative working and improve leadership capacity.

It’s an opportunity to spend time in another person’s organisation, to “walk in their shoes”, begin to understand their world, reflect, build relationships, and share learning. 

Cohort two will provide the opportunity for people working within the cyber field to take part in a Leadership Exchange with another fellow cyber member working either in another sector area or a completely different sector to their own.

A chance to discuss specific cyber related issues and challenges such as:

  • Security of collaboration tools
  • The current threat landscape
  • Cyber fraud and phishing
  • Online training
  • Remote working considerations
  • Trusted technology partners
  • Post-Covid-19 recovery planning 

The application deadline date for Cyber Leadership Exchange Phase 2 is Wednesday 30th September.

Anyone that is interested in this can fill in the application from: Leadership Exchange Programme Matching Form

Please note: There is no matching fee for Cyber Leaders – this is being sponsored by the Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Unit.

Any questions can be directed to the service co-ordinator Phili Wetton [email protected] or call 0131 510 8940